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New TropeTrainer™ Software Version 6
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Here's what's new:

It's easier to focus on your learning with our new streamlined main window in TROPETRAINER™ Version 6.

Main Window V6

We've simplified TropeTrainer software's main window so there's less distraction. At the same time, we've put controls in clearly marked places so you can find the features you want, and see the features we've added.


Aliyah buttons show you the aliyah or chapter the selected word is in, and let you jump directly to the start of an aliyah or chapter:

Aliyah Buttons

Stacked Text view option shows the structure of each verse so you learn to chant it more easily:

Stacked text

Learning to chant is easier with our new Stacked text view option which reveals the structure of each verse as specified by trope symbols - the punctuation marks of Torah.


Click and Hover hints remind you a STaM (Torah) font word's vowels and tropes. Click a word and hover over the word for a popup display:

Click and Hover


Finding a reading is now easy.

Open Reading

The new Open Reading window shows readings by date, and only shows options valid for the selected year. Clicking a reading option immediately shows a list of verses that will be opened.

New to TropeTrainer: Tehillim (Psalms) chanted in the Syrian tradition:

Psalm 150

Psalms are the core of many of our prayers, both in the prayer book and for our personal prayers and meditations. TropeTrainer Version 6 teaches the unique trope system of Tehillim. Only the Syrian Jewish community retained their tradition for chanting these text in their traditional manner, and that is the beautiful system of melodies we use.

TropeTrainer Version 6 offers Psalms by themselves or in combination with our previous editions featuring Torah, Haftarot and Megillot.


As in previous versions, you can follow along word by word on the screen while the software chants the selected portion. Double-click on a word to hear it chanted or spoken. Select regions of text to automatically repeat-play.

TropeTrainer software includes a complete set of tutorials and exercises for learning the basics of chanting and the melodies associated with each trope symbol.

Students and teachers are raving about TropeTrainer software. Offering unparalleled flexibility, TropeTrainer provides over two dozen melodies for Torah and Haftarah from Ashkenazi and Sephardi traditions plus choice of voice, accent, pitch and speed of chanting, with annual and triennial readings to meet your needs and the customs of your congregation.

TropeTrainer software is perfect for Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah students of any age.

For the student:

  • More fun and much easier to use than internet downloads, CDs or MP3s. People (especially kids) love to learn with a computer.
  • TropeTrainer software can match student's ability as the student learns and grows more practiced: Adjustable playback speed can be set from unbearably slow to comfortably fast.
  • Adjustable pitch and voice can be set to match student's voice.
  • Widest choice of melodies of any comparable product let student choose the melody most similar to the one used in their congregation.
  • Saves student's time — focused lessons and exercises let students practice exactly what they need most.
  • Most students can learn to do any reading in the same time they would take to memorize their reading by rote. TropeTrainer™ software's exercises focus on learning tropes by name and melody. However, the student can simply learn their reading by rote if that is how they wish to proceed.

For the teacher:

  • Saves teacher's time — no need to make a CD or MP3. Readings can be printed directly from the computer. Teacher can select lessons and exercises for student's learning, and reviews where additional work is needed.
  • Texts can optionally be color-highlighted and printed in trope groups (e.g. etnachta, zakef-katon and sof-pasuk) for ease of learning.
  • Lessons are based on the general principles as taught by Jacobson, Rosowsky, Spiro and Binder.
  • Tropes can optionally be colored to show their pausal power, e.g. Lords and Servants.
  • Enlarged Sh’va-nach and Qamatz-katon help students' pronunciation.
  • Contact for information regarding adding your customized trope melodies to TropeTrainer software.

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